Recommended resources for intermediate developers

In a previous article, I discussed resources that I recommend for beginners. In this post, I’ll cover a few intermediate Python books and websites. Python 201 by Michael Driscoll The first book in the list is Python 201 by Michael Driscoll. This is the book to read if you already know the basics of Python…… Continue reading Recommended resources for intermediate developers


Python command line interfaces: An overview of argparse.

Command-line or console applications are programs that are designed to be used via a text only interface such as the terminal. Command-line programs accept instructions or commands from their users in the form of flags or switches. Popular command-line applications include: git – A version control system Vim – A text editor and Grep -…… Continue reading Python command line interfaces: An overview of argparse.


An overview of the enumerate() function

According to the Python documentation, the enumerate function is a built in function that returns an enumerate object. Another popular article on the subject describes it as a function that allows you to “generate iterator element along with index”. I find these two definitions unclear. Here’s an explanation that makes more sense: the enumerate function…… Continue reading An overview of the enumerate() function


Getting started with SQLite in Python

Getting started with sqlite in Python SQLite is a lightweight disk-based relational database engine that does not require a separate server process. It allows you to access databases using the SQL language. A relational database is a collection of data organised and formally described in tables that consist of rows and columns. A simple analogy…… Continue reading Getting started with SQLite in Python

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How to send desktop notifications in Linux.

Desktop notifications are used to inform the user about an event or display some form of information without getting in the user’s way. Notifications are usually small pop up windows that disappear after a short while. There are a number of ways to display notifications using Python, but most of these depend on some GUI…… Continue reading How to send desktop notifications in Linux.


Virtual environments in Python

In Python, a virtual environment is way of isolating a working copy of Python to test software or to install new packages without affecting existing packages. virtualenv is a tool used to create isolated Python environments. virtualenv is a useful tool for creating sandboxes or for installing packages locally without system administrator access and also…… Continue reading Virtual environments in Python